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Document Accessibility Guidelines

Guidelines for creating web accessible Word documents. Some of the video links are hosted via and require a MACID to access.

Accessible and Inclusive Communication Guidelines

Adopting accessibility and disability principles and ways of thinking to enhance communications at McMaster.

Communications Services

A list of central services offered to departments.

Event Promotion Guide

Tips, tricks and ideas for promoting events on campus including screen advertising, social media, news calendars and more!

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines for print projects, digital work, and writing guidelines.

MacDrive Documentation

Step by step instructions on how to sync and share files MacDrive, a secure file storage and sharing environment.

Social Media Accounts

A handy list of Social Sciences social media accounts and influencers.


Faculty Photo Bank - SmugMug

A delightful repository of Faculty photographs for Departmental use.

Logo Library

Download a set of department logos.

Duotone Generator

An online duotone creation tool that can quickly and easily create duotones for people developing simple branded elements. Please keep in mind for larger, important creative projects a designer should still be leveraged.

Swag! Order Promo Items

McMaster University Campus Store offers custom branded merchandise at competitive prices.


How to Edit Your Profile

Reference or ‘How to Guide’ to help you edit your profile page on the website.

Posting news items - Video tutorial

A step by step video to walk you through creating a news item.

News Style Guide

Social Sciences style and formatting reference guide for online news items.

Plone Content Editor Documentation

The basics of accessibility and editing website editing in an easy to use, step-by-step guide.

Updating Undergrad Areas on Website

These instructions have been created to help guide you through updating the programs sections on department websites to reflect the 2018/2019 Undergraduate Calendar changes.