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This week! 3Voices in Child Welfare: The Sally Pearce Palmer Conference Series

February 22-23, 2018 McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC), CIBC Hall

Feb 02, 2018

Service users, service providers, & academics/researchers/traditional knowledge keepers: working together for better child welfare.

Dr. Sally Palmer, Professor Emerita of the School of Social Work, at McMaster University, provided funding for a series of conferences organized by the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The goal of the conferences is to address emerging research and approaches in the field of child welfare, particularly developments that give voice to the children, families and communities receiving child welfare services.

The intended audience includes faculty, students, social workers, allied professionals, service users and community groups involved in child welfare issues. These goals and this funding have made the 3Voices in Child Welfare conferences possible.

Visit the 3Voices webpage for full details including parking and location information!