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Aging and Health

Honours Bachelor of Arts (4-year) in Aging and Society

This degree program brings a multidisciplinary approach to the study of aging. It is designed to foster an understanding of aging issues within and across different contexts: cultural, economic, health care, physiological, psychological, and social. Issues ranging from the individual experience of the aging process to the societal complexities of an aging population are examined both within the Canadian context and more broadly. Students explore aging issues within a diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches. 

Honours BA Aging and Society

Honours Bachelor of Arts (4-year) in Health and Society

This degree program focuses on the significance of health and illness in cultural context. The perspectives of the social sciences and humanities are brought to bear on exploring the diverse meanings and practices associated with health and health care. Attention is given to different theoretical approaches to understanding the health of individuals, groups and communities in contemporary and historical perspectives. Students will learn a range of methodologies associated with these approaches.

Honours BA Health and Society

Tailor your learning to suit your interest

The Department of Health, Aging and Society offers a number of undergraduate degrees that can be combined with other areas of study.

Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate Career Paths of Health, Aging & Society

Whether exploring the possibility of graduate studies and/or contemplating entering the workforce, our department recognizes the importance and value in students connecting with alumni.

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