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Minor in Health, Aging and Society

MinorMinor in Health, Aging and Society


  1. Students are responsible for ensuring that course prerequisites are fulfilled.
  2. KINESIOL 2G03 and 3A03 may be used to satisfy Health, Aging and Society requirements for Kinesiology students pursuing a Minor in Health, Aging and Society.
  3. Given the extensive curriculum revisions that have been made, students are strongly encouraged to review course antirequisites in the Course Listings section of the Calendar.

24 units total

3 units


3 units

18 units 


  • Course List or Health, Aging and Society

Course List

  • ANTHROP 2AN3 - The Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
  • ANTHROP 2HI3 - Medical Anthropology
  • ANTHROP 2U03 - Plagues and People
  • ANTHROP 3C03
  • ANTHROP 3BD3 - The Black Death
  • ANTHROP 3Y03 - Indigenous Community Health and Wellbeing
  • ANTHROP 4S03 - The Anthropology of Infectious Disease
  • ECON 2CC3 - Health Economics and its Application to Health Policy
  • ECON 3Q03 - The Economics of Aging
  • ECON 3Z03 - Health Economics
  • ENVSOCTY 2HI3 - Health and Place
  • ENVSOCTY 3HP3 - Population, Health and Aging
  • ENVSOCTY 4HC3 - Public and Community Health
  • ENVSOCTY 4HH3 - Environment and Health
  • HTHSCI 2G03 - Statistics & Epidemiology 1
  • HTHSCI 2J03
  • HTHSCI 3MH3 - Critical Examination of Mental Health
  • INDIGST 3H03 - Indigenous Medicine I: Philosophy
  • INDIGST 3HH3 - Indigenous Medicine II: Practical
  • KINESIOL 4SS3 - Human Aging: Biological and Lifestyle Influences
  • LABRST 3D03
  • MUSIC 2MT3 - Introduction to the Practice of Music Therapy
  • PEACEST 2D03
  • PEACEST 3B03
  • PEACJUST 3B03 - Peace-Building and Health Initiatives
  • PHILOS 2D03 - Bioethics
  • PHILOS 3C03 - Advanced Bioethics
  • PSYCH 2AP3 - Abnormal Psychology: Fundamentals and Major Disorders
  • PSYCH 3AG3 - Aging
  • PSYCH 3B03 - Special Populations
  • SCAR 2ER3 - Religion, the Body, and the Machine
  • SCAR 2M03 - Death and Dying: Comparative Views
  • SCAR 2N03 - Death and Dying: The Western Experience
  • SCAR 2WW3 - Health, Healing and Religion: Western Perspectives
  • SCAR 2WX3 - Health, Healing and Religion: Comparative Views
  • SOCWORK 3C03 - Social Aspects of Health and Illness
  • SOCWORK 3O03 - Social Work and Sexualities
  • SOCWORK 3S03 - Social Work, Disability and Dis/Ableism
  • SOCWORK 4L03
  • SOCWORK 4R03 - Feminist Approaches to Social Work and Social Justice
  • SOCWORK 4Y03 - Critical Issues in Mental Health & Addiction: Mad & Critical Disability Studies Perspectives for SW
  • SOCIOL 3CC3 - Sociology of the Family and the Life Cycle
  • SOCIOL 3G03 - Sociology of Health Care
  • SOCIOL 3HH3 - Sociology of Health
  • SOCIOL 3X03 - Sociology of Aging
  • SOCIOL 4G03 - Advanced Topics in the Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOCPSY 3A03 - Mental Health
  • WORKLABR 3D03 - Work: Dangerous to your Health?

Completion of Level 1 + 24 units

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2022/2023 Undergraduate Calendar
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Department of Health, Aging & Society
Kenneth Taylor Hall (KTH), Room 226
905-525-9140 ext. 27961
Minor may be declared when completing convocation information
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Enrolment in an Honours program
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Full-time, Part-time
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January, September
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