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The Importance of Studying Health & Aging

We live in an era when health and aging impact greatly on, and present unique challenges and opportunities for, societies throughout the globe.

With regards to health, many people are better informed about health and health care, and collect and use their own health knowledge in diverse ways, and many more participate proactively in their health maintenance.

Health care institutions have changed to reflect the changing society that they serve whilst, through their innovations they have also helped change societal relationships with, and expectations of health and health care.

With regards to aging, significant challenges exist in addressing health, social care, welfare, and accommodation needs of increasing numbers and proportions of older people, whilst older people themselves face new economic and political circumstances. Meanwhile, emerging positive activities and cultures of aging have radically changed capacities, experiences, and expectations in later life.

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Importantly, new technologies have broadened the possibilities for treatment, in terms of the range of interventions possible, who and what they can treat, and where they can be accessed.

Decisions relating to technologies also pose important ethical and social questions about human life and society.

All is not perfect however and, at the same time, increases in obesity, poor cardiovascular health, and major global health issues are equally important trends and challenges underpinned by particular economic circumstances, cultures, and attitudes.

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How Our Department Facilitates Your Learning

Our department gives students the opportunity to examine these issues through undergraduate and graduate level programs. The underlying strength of the department lies in its interdisciplinary composition. Our faculty members have backgrounds in economics, human geography, political science, social work, and sociology. These disciplines provide the multiple lens through which we view health and aging.

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