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Field Education

Placement Evaluation Forms & Additional Forms

Evaluation Forms:

Student performance in field placements are evaluated at the third level (SW 3DD6 Evaluation) and fourth level (SW 4DD6 Evaluation). A special form is available for assessing performance in Community Development Placements (Community Development Evaluation ). Students are also asked to complete an evaluation of their placement (Student Evaluation of Field Instruction Setting). These forms may be downloaded below for completion.

Form Instructions:

Please print the appropriate form, complete it, and submit it to the School of Social Work office in KTH 319. All forms must be submitted with the appropriate signatures. If you have any difficulty with the form below, please contact Lorna O'Connell at or call 905-525-9140, ext. 23795 and she will email a copy.

Additional Forms Required for Placement:

Each student must submit all four WSIB Forms prior to beginning placement.