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Field Forums

Field Work Forums/Workshops 2006 - 2019

The School of Social Work offers workshops and forums designed particularly for field instructors, students and community social workers. Over the past few years, we have presented the following:

October 25, 2019; half day (40 registrants) 
"Accessibility and Accommodation in Social Work Field Placements: What Every Field Instructor Should Know"
Speakers: Kate Brown, Pilar Michaud, Tim Nolan

October 19, 2018; half day (45 registrants) 
"Strengthening Accessibility and Responsiveness to Equity Seeking Groups"
Speakers: Janice Chaplin, Amna Baig, Alise deBie, Sarah Dell, Randy Jackson & Jennie Vengris

October 27, 2017; half day (67 registrants)
"Opioid Crisis: Social Work Practice and Policy Considerations"
Panel Speakers PowerPoint Presentations: Jessica Ward, Jackee Evans, Susan Boyd, Kathy Guffroy.

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March 24, 2017; half day (55 registrants) 
Social Work and Technology: What’s App with that?”

March 4, 2016; half day (99 registrants)
Enhancing our Understanding of the Refugee Experience(s): Supporting People Arriving in Hamilton
Guest Speaker: Mirna Carranza

October 30, 2015; half day (70 registrants)
Emerging Trends & Challenges in Field Education: Supporting Student Readiness
Panel and Roundtable discussions

March 6, 2015; half day (179 registrants)
Reconciliation: The Children's Version
Guest Speaker: Dr. Cindy Blackstock

March 24, 2014; full day (83 registrants)
Globalization, Immigration and Social Work
Panel Discussion Participants

March 22, 2013; half day (85 registrants)
Choose Wellness: A Mindful Approach
Guest speaker: Valerie Spironello

October 12, 2012; full day (153 registrants)
Current issues in Mental Health
Guest speaker: Lorraine Chapman

March 9, 2012; half day (100 registrants)
Do you really know "Y"? Deconstructing Generation Y and Bridging the Generation Gap
Guest speaker: Terezia Zuric

October 21, 2011; half day (140 registrants)
Social Work Practice Theories: "You Asked, We Listened"
Guest speaker: Michelle Bates

February, 2011; evening
Field Instructor Recognition: Tributes to Field Instructors and Organization Wine & Cheese Celebration

October 22, 2010; half day (102 registrants)
Something Old, Something New: Revisiting and Revising the Fundamentals of Field Instruction
Guest speaker: Sheila Sammon

March 12, 2010; half day (112 registrants)
Disabilities Matter: It's the New Law
Guest Speaker: David Lepotsky

November, 2009: Forum cancelled due to strike on campus

March 2009: Forum cancelled due to organizational complications

October 3 & 4, 2008
40th Anniversary of the School of Social Work Multiple Presentations, Workshops, Panels
Keynotes: Stephen Lewis, Marge Reitsma‐Street

February 7, 2008; evening
Field Instructor Recognition: Tributes to Field Instructors and Organization Wine & Cheese Celebration

October 26, 2007; half day (127 registrants)
Difficult Conversations
Guest Speaker: Sheila Sammon

April 2, 2007; half day (180 registrants)
Women and Poverty‐‐Linking Local and Global Realities
Guest Speaker: Stephen Lewis

November 3, 2006; full day (126 registrants)
(Social) Working As an Ally
Guest Speaker: Anne Bishop

February 3, 2006; full day
“Queer” Conversations: The Sequel
Guest Speaker: Chris Sinding