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COVID-19 information and updates

Find the most recent updates here, as well as FAQs and information for students, faculty and staff.

Field Placements


Frequently Asked Questions about Field Placements

Frequently Asked Questions about Field Placements in the School of Social Work.

Placement Evaluation Forms & Additional Forms

Evaluation Forms & Additional Forms Required for Placements

Student Handbook for Field Placement Preparation

Our Student Handbook about Field Placements. 

Placement Orientation Videos

Field placement orientation videos for SOC WORK 3D06/3DD6. A four part series of videos to help you get started. 


Opportunities for Field Instructors: Practice Instructor Recognition and Recommendation for Adjunct Lecturer Appointments

The School of Social Work is extremely fortunate to have so many dedicated field instructors who help us provide social work education to our students year after year.  In addition to directly supporting our students, our field instructors give their time to many of our field activities including sitting on committees and contributing to the direction of the School.  

As a way to acknowledge these vital contributions, we have formalized a process to recognize long-standing field instructors with the title of Practice Instructor and recommend our Practice Instructors for Adjunct Lecturer appointments with the University.

Sheila Sammon Award for Excellence in Field Instruction

The Award was established in 2016 in recognition of Professor Sheila Sammon’s outstanding contributions to social work practice and field education over almost three decades: in the School of Social Work at McMaster, in the Hamilton community, and in her leadership in social work education provincially and nationally. With wisdom, skill and generosity, Sheila supported the development of generations of students, practitioners and educators striving, like her, toward the ethical and just practice of social work.

The Award is conferred annually on a Field Instructor who has made exceptional contributions to social work students’ learning and professional development and to the School’s field education program and who, in doing so, extends Sheila’s commitment to skilled and just practice.

This Award is given out at the annual Field Recognition Breakfast. 

Field Instructor Courses

Field Instructors are both educators and supervisors. These courses are designed to develop instructor and supervisory skills.

Field Instruction Recognition Breakfast

Graduates of social work programs often report that the most influential person in their social work education is their field instructor.  In order to recognize, thank and honour our field instructors who give freely of their time and expertise to our students, the School holds an annual recognition ceremony.

Field Forums

The School of Social Work offers workshops and forums designed particularly for field instructors, students and community social workers.


Community Partners

Agencies which provided field placements for social work students during the academic year.

Field Placement

Community Connections database and other forms & resources.