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Field Education

Community Partners


541 Eatery & Exchange                                                                               

Alcohol Drugs & Gambling Services

Alternatives for Youth                                                                                  

Alzhiemer's Society of Niagara

Big Brothers Big Sisters Hamilton                                                              

Brain Injury Services Hamilton

Canadian Mental Health Association Hamilton                                   

Catholic Family Services

Canadian Mental Health Association Peel                                            

Catholic Children's Aid Society

Catholic Family Services PAR Program                                                   

Children's Aid Society Durham

Catholic Family Services St. Martin's Manor                                       

Children's Aid Society Brant

Children's Aid Society Hamilton                                                                

Children's Aid Society Oxford County

Children's Aid Society Peel                                                                          

Children's Aid Society York

City Housing Hamilton                                                                                  


City of Hamilton Immigrant Partnership Council                                 

Distress Centre of Oakville

De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre                                

Family & Children's Services Brant

Family & Children's Services Brant Native Services                           


Family & Children's Services Niagara                                                     

Good Shepherd Barrett Centre

Good Shepherd Mary's Place Women's Centre                                  

Good Shepherd Family Centre                              

Good Shepherd Mobile Homes                                                                 

Good Shepherd Notre Dame House

Good Shepherd Youth Services                                                                 

Halton Victim's Services

Hamilton Executive Directors Aboriginal Coalition                              

Hamilton Legal Clinic             

Hamilton Health Sciences McMaster Site                                             

Hamilton MAD Student Collective

Hamilton Health Sciences Hamilton General Site                               

Hamilton Regional Indian Centre        

Hamilton Health Sciences Juravinski Site                                              


Hamilton Wentworth District School Board                                           

Interval House

Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre                                                 

Interval House Jared's Place

Hamilton Health Sciences St. Peter's Hospital                   

Interval House Women's Centre

Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board                          

John Howard Society            

Hamilton Wentworth Police Victim Services                                        

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre                             

Living Rock

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Nina's Place                    

Lynwood Flamborough

Lynwood Charlton Centre                                                                            

Macassa Lodge                      

March of Dimes                                                                                              

McMaster Anti-violence Network

McMaster Residence Life                                                                           

McMaster Student Affairs

McMaster Student Accessibility Services                                             

McMaster Student Success

Midaynta Community Services                                                                

Milestone Foster Homes

Mission Services Willow Place                                                                  

Monique Taylor, MPP Office               

Native Women's Centre                                                                              

Nova Vita

North Hamilton Community Health Centre                                           

PAH Program Rock On Line

Positive Space Network Halton                                                                 

Regina Gardens                      

ROCK, Reach Out For Kids                                                                           

Salvation Army Ellen Osler Homes

Salvation Army Lawson Ministries                                                          

Six Nations Child & Family  

Six Nations Family Health Team                                                               

Six Nations Mental Health  

Social Planning & Research Council                                                         

St. Joseph's Hospital West 5th Site

St. Joseph's Hospital Charlton Site                                                           

St. Joseph's Villa

Summerville Family Health Team                                                           

The AIDS Network                                   

Urban Native Homes                                                                                    

Victim Services Hamilton    

Victim Services Peel                                                                                      

Wentworth Lodge

Women's Advocacy                                                                                      

Women's Centre – Flamborough

YWCA Family Access Centre                                                                      

YWCA Transitional Living

If we have inadvertently left off your agency’s name or listed your agency’s name improperly, please contact us so that we may correct our error. Please get in touch with Tammy Maikawa, 905.525.9140, Ext. 23793 or at