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Reinstatement Process

Advice for students who have a Result of Session of “May Not Continue at University”

Faculty of Social Sciences Reinstatement Process

Advice for students who have a Result of Session of “May Not Continue at University”

Students who just received a Result of Session of “May Not Continue at University” must apply for Reinstatement to be allowed to continue studies at the university. Students are strongly encouraged to remain out of university for one year. During this time, students are expected to resolve any difficulties that may have affected their academic performance and students are expected to take the opportunity to provide evidence of academic ability to succeed in the Faculty of Social Sciences by taking courses elsewhere.


Reinstatement Application Deadline Dates

  • Fall/Winter is June 30
  • Spring/Summer is April 1


Reinstatement Application Process

  • Reinstatement Application Forms are available only through the Office of the Registrar, Gilmour Hall, Room 108. A fee of$100.00 per application is charged.
  • You must include the following with your application form:
    • One page Letter of Explanation summarizing the relevant circumstances affecting your ability to achieve academic success
    • An official transcript showing courses completed with minimum grade of B
    • Any supporting documentation, including medical notes, etc. that would verify extenuating circumstances which affected your academic performance


The Letter of Explanation

Your letter should include the following details:

  • Summary of the relevant circumstances (situation or challenges) surrounding the academic situation during the last session attended (ex. family crisis, personal, medical problems, etc.)
  • Reasons for reinstatement at this time
  • Reasons for program selection and courses selected
  • Activities since last registered at McMaster, including academic work
  • Explanation and/or evidence that your extenuating circumstances have been resolved
  • Letters of Reference are not required


Reinstatement is not Guaranteed as Space is Extremely Limited


Academic Preparation

Students who apply for Reinstatement are expected to provide evidence of the ability to succeed at the post-secondary level and must consider one of the following options:

  • Two Distance Education/On-line courses at either Athabasca University or Ryerson University (these institutions will accept students regardless of previous academic performance). When taking courses at, select courses numbered 200 as these are equivalent to first year courses. When taking courses at Ryerson, Chang School of Continuing Education, ensure they are degree credit. Do not repeat courses. Applicants are advised to choose Social Sciences courses in which they are interested.

    Transfer Credit will be considered at the time of application and not before. Note about Distance Education courses – these courses may take up to 3 months to complete. If you are submitting official transcripts after your application, please have them sent to McMaster University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room 129, 1280 Main St. W. Hamilton, ON L8S 4M4.
  • College of Applied Arts & Technology – completion of a one year program with a minimum average of 80% - no transfer credit is given for a one year program. Completion of a two year diploma with a minimum average of 80% - transfer credit will be considered at the time of application. This option is recommended for students who retained 6 or less units from their failed year.


Reinstatement Decisions

Reinstatement Applications are carefully reviewed. Applicants are not interviewed and will be notified of decisions by e-mail. Decisions are final and non-appealable.

A completed application must be submitted by the deadline date. If your academic transcripts arrive after the due date, the decision regarding your application will be delayed and will affect your ability to select and register for courses. Typically, decisions for Fall/Winter Reinstatement are made by the end of July, but may be later.