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Request for Deferred Examination

A student who has missed an examination because of compelling medical or personal reasons must fill out the Petition for Special Consideration.

Deferred Exams - Important Information

For detailed information regarding procedures for deferred examinations visit the Office of the Registrar's website. 

Please note, deferred examinations may affect academic decisions including the eligibility to graduate, admission into a program and progression. 

Deferred Exams

Request for Deferred Examination (Form B)

Fill out the Petition for Special Consideration: Request for Deferred Examination and submit the form to the Academic Advising Office within five (5) working days of the missed examination.

Request for Deferred Examination (Form B)

Petitions for Special Consideration Decisions are Final

The Faculty of Social Sciences has the responsibility to ensure that degree, program and course requirements are met in a manner that is equitable to all students. While the Faculty adheres strictly to all deadlines and academic regulations as stated in the University Calendar, it does wish to assist students with legitimate difficulties.

Students who seek special consideration or who wish to request that the application of a particular University or Faculty regulation be waived because of compelling medical, personal or family reasons, may submit a Petition for Special Consideration to the Office of the Associate Dean. Supporting documentation will be required but will not ensure approval of the petition. The authority to grant petitions lies with the Faculty Associate Dean’s office and is discretionary.

Students are responsible to submit Petitions for Special Consideration in a prompt and timely manner. Following receipt of the appropriate form, the Assistant Dean shall submit the petition to the appropriate individual or committee and shall secure a final decision from the individual or committee. The student will be notified in writing (by email) of the decision on his/her petition.

Petitions for Special Consideration decisions are final. In accordance with the Student Appeal Procedures, decisions made on Petitions for Special Consideration cannot be appealed to the Senate Board for Student Appeals. If a student feels his/her human rights have been violated, they may contact Equity and Inclusion Office in room 212 of the McMaster University Student Centre, to initiate a complaint.