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General Social Work I

A seminar for critical examination of conceptual and practice issues emerging from the application of contemporary social work knowledge, skills and values in field practice.


Unit(s): 6.0 Level(s): III Term(s): Full Year Offered?: Yes Language?: No

Bonnie Freeman

Assistant Professor

Sandra Preston

Assistant Professor | Director of Experiential Education

Prerequisite(s): SOC WORK 2B06 or both SOC WORK 2B03 and SOC WORK 2BB3; and SOC WORK 2A06 or both SOC WORK 2C03 and 2D03 Co-requisite(s): SOC WORK 3DD6 Antirequisite(s): SOC WORK 3D09 Credit in this course is dependent on achieving a minimum grade of C+ and a Pass in SOC WORK 3DD6.