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Interdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology is based on archaeology and archaeology-related courses offered in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, and in the Departments of Classics and Anthropology.

MinorInterdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology is based on archaeology and archaeology-related courses offered in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, and in the Departments of Classics and Anthropology.

It requires students to gain knowledge and understanding of a broad range of arts and sciences relevant to the practice of archaeology, but also permits students the flexibility to specialize in topics of particular interest within related disciplines. Students planning a minor in Archaeology may wish to take CLASSICS 1M03 - History of Greece and Rome.


24 units total

3 units


  • Level I Anthropology

6 units


  • ANTHROP 2PA3 - Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology
  • ANTHROP 2WA3 - World Archaeology
  • ENVIRSC 1G03 - Earth and the Environment

15 units


  • Course List (see above). At least nine of the 15 units must be selected from outside the student’s own department

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  • ANTHROP 2BB3 - Ancient Mesoamerica: Aztecs to Zapotecs
  • ANTHROP 2C03 - Archaeology of Environmental Crisis and Response
  • ANTHROP 2FF3 - Human Skeletal Biology and Bioarchaeology
  • ANTHROP 2O03 - Themes in the Archaeological History of North America
  • ANTHROP 2PA3 - Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology
  • ANTHROP 2PC3 - Aliens, Curses and Nazis: Archaeology and Hollywood
  • ANTHROP 2RP3 - Religion and Power in the Past
  • ANTHROP 2WA3 - Neanderthals to Pyramids: Introduction to World Archaeology
  • ANTHROP 3AS3 - Archaeology and Society
  • ANTHROP 3BB3 - Ancient Agriculture to Criminal Investigations: Paleoethnobotany in Practice
  • ANTHROP 3BF3 - Bioarchaeological Field School
  • ANTHROP 3CA3 - Ceramic Analysis
  • ANTHROP 3CC6 - Archaeological Field School
  • ANTHROP 3DD3 - Archaeology of Death
  • ANTHROP 3E03 - Special Topics in Archaeology I
  • ANTHROP 3EE3 - Special Topics in Archaeology II
  • ANTHROP 3EM3 - Current Debates in Eastern Mediterranean Prehistory
  • ANTHROP 3FF3 - Key Debates In Andean Archaeology
  • ANTHROP 3K03 - Archaeological Interpretation
  • ANTHROP 3LA3 - Lithics Analysis
  • ANTHROP 3PP3 - Paleopathology
  • ANTHROP 3X03 - Zooarchaeology
  • ANTHROP 4AA3 - Materiality, Matter and Social Lives
  • ANTHROP 4E03 - Advanced Topics in Archaeology I
  • ANTHROP 4F03 - Current Debates in Archaeology
  • ANTHROP 4HF3 - Archaeology of Hunter-Fisher-Gatherers
  • ANTHROP 4HH3 - Archaeologies of Space and Place
  • ANTHROP 4R03 - Advanced Bioarchaeology and Skeletal Biology
  • CLASSICS 1A03 - Introduction to Classical Archaeology
  • CLASSICS 2B03 - Greek Art
  • CLASSICS 2C03 - Roman Art
  • CLASSICS 3MA3 (no longer offered)
  • CLASSICS 3Q03 - Greek Sanctuaries
  • CLASSICS 3S03 - Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Ostia
  • EARTHSC 1G03 - Earth and the Environment
  • EARTHSC 2B03
  • EARTHSC 2E03 - Earth History
  • EARTHSC 2GG3 - Natural Disasters
  • EARTHSC 3CC3 - Earth’s Changing Climate
  • EARTHSC 3E03 - Clastic Sedimentary Environments
  • EARTHSC 3P03
  • EARTHSC 3V03
  • EARTHSC 4E03
  • EARTHSC 4FF3 - Topics of Field Research
  • EARTHSC 4G03 - Glacial Sediments and Environments
  • ENVIRSC 2B03 - Soils and the Environment
  • GEOG 2GI3 - Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 3GI3 - Advanced Raster GIS
  • INDIGST 2B03 - History of Indigenous Peoples’ Sovereignty
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