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Nominator, Dr. Bruce Jamieson (L), Dr. Peter Ramsden (C), nomination supporter Dr. Gary Warrick (R)

Dr. Peter Ramsden wins J.V. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award

This past weekend, the Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) awarded Dr. Peter Ramsden the J.V. Wright award for his contribution to the development of archaeology in Ontario. "The award is granted on occasion to an outstanding Ontario professional archaeologist whose life’s work has been consistently of the highest standard, who has made an exceptional contribution to the development of archaeology in this region. It is awarded to a professional who has published widely, is recognized for advancing the practice of archaeology, has earned acclaim for excellence, and has inspired others." - OAS Website

Nov 06, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Ramsden, Adjunct and retired Associate Professor! 

"Peter joined the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University where he stayed for 25 years. During his time at McMaster Peter supervised over 25 MA and PhD students. It is during his time at McMaster that Peter developed his “silverback” status within Iroquoian Archaeology and also entrenched himself as a researcher of Paleoeskimo and Thule culture in the Central Canadian Arctic, and of Mesolithic and Neolithic settlements in Ireland. Over 1980-1982 Peter held two major research grants from SSHRC to pursue his research in the Canadian Arctic In his Great Lakes Region research Peter has challenged traditional paradigms. Peter’s research papers cover topics as wide ranging as the impacts of disease on pre-contact Iroquoians, wealth dispersal, settlement patterns, politics, symbolism and meaning from archaic to proto-contact communities. Peter’s work is exhaustive on the subject of Archaic through Iroquoian prehistory. In 1990 he offered a measured consideration of the evidence for and against Saint Lawrence Iroquoian movement into the Upper Trent River Valley which reflects his attention to the cultural meanings behind archaeological materials in our assessment of any hypothesis about the past. Alongside these academic pursuits Peter has also contributed greatly to contract and consulting archaeology. He and Dean Knight founded one of the first consulting companies in the country. Peter is the manager of Copetown Press and editor of the journal Occasional Papers in Northeastern Archaeology. He has published four books, over 30 research papers, and offered countless talks and public lectures." -Canadian Archaeological Society

For more information about the award, please visit the Ontario Archaeological Society. The J.V. Wright Award is in memory of Dr. James V. Wright, early Ontario Archaeologist, curator of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, who contributed to the development of method, theory, and teaching in Ontario archaeology.